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Things Of The Wild Unknown

The haughty hippotamus spake unto the King: [Nym]

My hide is thick, my mind is weak, and yet I have to sing [Francine]

I must impose, do you suppose, you'll find a song that's suitable? [Nym]

The King sat back, and thought awhile, his manner irrefutable [Nym]

Then said unto that wrinkly beast, "There is but one solution [Nym]

"You must renounce your haughty pose, your hippo dissolution [Francine]

And join with us on Tuesday night, for carolling at dinner. [Nym]

Sing whatever part you like: baritone, bass or tenor" [Nym]

The hippo snorted, arched a brow, "How little do you know me [Francine]

I am a star of screen and stage, I'll never stoop so lowly [Nym]

Unless you first can find for me the perfect hippo beau [Kansas Sam]

I won't consent to sing for you; I'll let my whiskers grow." [Francine]

His majesty looked grave, it's clear he was concerned [Nym]

He said, "I know no hippos. But I could offer my son, Vern." [Francine]

"What use have I for humans?" cried the now indignant creature [Nym]

"In life, they are mere freshmen, and I the cosmic teacher." [Francine]

The royal highness sighed, this discussion was preposterous [Nym]

It was almost worse than talking with an arrogant rhinocerous [Nym]

The royal sovereign then summoned the executioner [Francine]

Then in strolled the Queen and the King started smooching her [Karin (best I could do)]

She spied the hippopotamus, and solemnly declared [Nym]

Spare the hippo's life, my dear. The hippo only stared [Francine]

In wonder at the Queen, and got down on one knee [Nym]

And thence proceeded to unload a gushing stream of pee [Francine]

The Queen began to shriek "You've ruined my best gown!" [Karin]

The King was quite disgusted, and furiously did frown [Nym]

And now the executioner took up the royal axe [Francine]

They held the hippo down (it nearly broke their backs) [Nym]

When all at once a single tear did trickle from his eye [Karin]

"Your majesties, I beg you please, I do not wish to die" [Nym]

The King responded with relief "Axeman, free the prisoner" [Karin]

He then demanded notes be taken by the palace scrivener [Nym]

And thus does end out tale of hippos, of kings and weird requests [Francine]

Contributors: Nym, Francine, Kansas Sam, Karin (best I could do), Karin.
Poem finished: 19th July 2003.