The Spoonbill Generator


This is in free verse and I mean to state that always the cambembert is stale [Francine]

It once was the finest of cheeses, now I'm afraid it's growing fur [Nym]

Forgive me, Lydia, I forgot to throw it out, the same way I forgot [Francine]

To empty out my cloest, the strangest things reside in there [Nym]

Raccoons, three bottles of Windex, and a plaster-Paris bust of Liberace. [Francine]

Painted pink, perchance - a most becoming colour it is [Nym]

Last night I came across an open container of Cheez Whiz. [Karin]

It greeted me most kindly, although I knew not how to respond [Nym]

The Windex also muttered something at me, or did I imagine that? [Karin]

Liberace was mute, that sly delicate fellow [Francine]

He was immaculately accessorized, per usual. [Karin]

Golden chains and thirteen rolex watches [Nym]

Forgive me, Lydia, how often have we warbled together, crouched behind the sofa [Francine]

It's safe and dark back there, an island of comfort in this world [Nym]

Lydia, what did you do with my Ferrante & Teischer albums? [Karin]

I miss them greatly, and now have nothing to server dinner on [Nym]

Speaking of dinner, Taco Bell has three new kinds of burritos we could try [Karin]

Although the sauce would likely spoil the records [Anon.]

Never mind, my darling, I have some CDs I'm not particularly fond of [Francine]

They make perfect little plates, if you ignore the holes [Nym]

Or we could use them as Frisbies when we play with the neighbor's ferret. [Karin]

Be careful not to sharpen the edges too much of course [Anon.]

Lydia, my Lydia, your hair is the color of Cheez Whiz. [Karin]

I'm afraid this must cease at once [Anon.]

Contributors: Francine, Nym, Karin, Nym (I'll fix this line), Anon..
Poem finished: 19th July 2003.