The Spoonbill Generator

Foresight in F Minor (Haydn)

Where have our old-timers gone? [Kansas Sam]

Long time gassing [Dassn't Say]

Chased away by Satan's spawn [Edgar]

The imps continue multiplying [Francine]

Perhaps they hiding under stairs [Nym]

Quick, I'll run and take a peek [Kansas Sam]

We might just catch them unawares [Nym]

Taking a devilish leak [Francine]

Beefy, save me once again! [Kansas Sam]

I am possessed and haunted, too [Francine]

My demons surface now and then [Nym(F do you ever sleep?)]

And stuff me up the chimney flue [Francine]

Not too comfy stuck up here [Nym]

It's sooty and it's grimy [Francine]

Santa has my sympathy [Nym]

The beer he's served is briny [Francine]

I am the light fantastic [Nym]

The demons said to me [Francine]

But they were made of plastic [Nym]

I knew I had to flee [Francine]

Contributors: Kansas Sam, Dassn't Say, Edgar, Francine, Nym, Nym(F do you ever sleep?).
Poem finished: 19th July 2003.