The Spoonbill Generator

Jello Fellow

While bouncing on a sea of jello [Francine]

With a grinning jovial fellow [archaeopteryx]

I ripped my lederhosen [Francine]

The very one he'd chosen [archaeopteryx]

I apologized profusely [Francine]

the leather hanging loosely [archaeopteryx]

I was wearing leather undies [Randy]

Which I often don on Mondays [Francine]

The game we finally chose to play [dinosaur]

Was hoop-de-hoop and hey-de-hey [Francine]

Of course I won and paid the price [dinosaur]

I had to herd his feisty mice. [Francine]

The little beggers wouldn't come [dinosaur]

Their paws were stuck in bubblegum [Francine]

I ticked their tummies good and proper [dino (]

They raised their rumps and I came acropper [Randy]

Soft-hearted me. I did not strike. [Dassn't Say]

I did not poke them with a pike [Francine]

But I had plans for all those critters [Nym]

To carry them on horsehair litters [Francine]

Perhaps you think it quite peculiar [Nym]

That mice get woolier and woolier [Francine]

Their coats turn pink, their whiskers blue [Nym]

Once shorn, they'll make a scrumptious stew [Nym (heh - cheating)]

Contributors: Francine, archaeopteryx, Randy, dinosaur, dino (, Dassn't Say, Nym, Nym (heh - cheating).
Poem finished: 19th July 2003.