The Spoonbill Generator


On a night in september, 1982 [Nym]

I chose not the right thing to do [Karin]

The rain fell heavily on the shingles [Anon.]

On couples and on lonely singles [Francine]

I went out into the night, not caring [Nym]

My rainproof mukluks I was wearing [Francine]

A grave error of judgement, as it turned out [Nym]

The sun did shine; I had to pout [Francine]

I trudged along the highways, looking for hope [Is this you F??!]

Lugging my knapsack, dragging my rope [Francine]

And found myself lost in a city of lights [Nym]

Damn! My mukluks have worn a hole in my tights [Mike ]

In sorry pain I staggered to a seedy looking inn. [Dassn't Say]

The nude in the window beckoned me "come in" [Randy]

I wasn't too sure, then thought, "what the hell" [Francine]

But I'm glad I did, she sure was swell! [archaeopteryx]

So when you are beckoned by a nude from an inn [Francine]

Take off your mukluks, it's time to sin [archaeopteryx]

But take my advice, make sure she's eighteen [Francine]

And be doubly sure she's not a drag queen [archaeopteryx]

And so ends my tale of mukluks and sin [Anon.]

Contributors: Nym, Karin, Anon., Francine, Is this you F??!, Mike , Dassn't Say, Randy, archaeopteryx.
Poem finished: 18th July 2003.