The Spoonbill Generator

Quantum World

Photons green and neutrons pink [Nym]

Electrons blue and fuzzy [Karin]

Living there beneath my sink [Nym]

It all looks kinda scuzzy. [Karin]

Quarks, black holes and superstrings [Nym]

Leptons and neutrinos [Francine]

Dwelling in my underthings [Nym]

And in between my toes. [Karin ]

Semi-conducting particles [Nym]

recently discovered [Karin]

Written up in articles [Nym]

Made everybody wonder [Karin]

Galaxies of cosmic dust [Nym]

Wormholes, pulsars too [Karin]

Stephen Hawking knows he must [Francine]

Ask for help when going "number two" [Karin (sorry)]

Contributors: Nym, Karin, Francine, Karin (sorry).
Poem finished: 18th July 2003.