The Spoonbill Generator

Sanctum Inviolate

Damned hypocrisy! In truth I hate them all [Anon.]

To bureaucrats and monkey men: pride comes before a fall [Nym]

You will rue the day you crossed me [Karin]

You'll see, just when you thought you'd lost me [Anon.]

I'll reappear with a vengeance [Karin]

With fuel in all my engines [Nym]

I'll begin with bloodcurdling shouts [Karin]

"Cuse you! Damn you all!"... or there abouts [Anon.]

And then I will arise in flames, a phoenix [Francine]

Curse the tongue for what he licks [Nym]

Then beat you all to a bloody pulp [Karin]

And swallow you down in one enormous gulp [Nym]

Contributors: Anon., Nym, Karin, Francine.
Poem finished: 18th July 2003.