The Spoonbill Generator


Irresistibly, I feel drawn [Francine]

Like chalk upon a slate [Nym]

Or horns upon a faun [Francine]

I feel it's far too late [Nym]

To begin a revolution [Francine]

One needs a man with assets [Nym]

No need of absolution [Francine]

When hunting hounds and bassets [Nym]

Ignore their masters' orders [Francine]

They'll terrorize our daughters [Nym]

Run free across our borders [Francine]

Oh, can you see the slaughter!? [Anon.]

So back to blueprints must we go [Mr Nym]

And check the King's James Bible [Francine]

To confirm what we all know [Karin]

It's really rather ribald [Nym]

Contributors: Francine, Nym, Anon., Mr Nym, Karin.
Poem finished: 18th July 2003.