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Preposterous! She cried [Nym]

Until I showed her proof [Kansas Sam]

But flatly still she had denied [Nym]

Her analytic goof [Kansas Sam]

To punish her, I undertook [Francine]

To teach her logic, math and science [Nym]

She held Ben's key when thunder shook [Kansas Sam]

And threatened our alliance [Nym]

We pointed at each other, then [Kansas Sam]

And said, "you've done it now!" [Francine]

Like lambs into the lion's den [Nym]

We nearly had a cow [Kansas Sam]

But I impressed upon her (nicely) [Nym]

The errors she had made [Kansas Sam]

She tried then to entice me [Nym]

With lemon marmalade [Francine]

My toast was dry, it truly tempted [Nym]

Her lowbrow appetite [Francine]

I told her that she was exempted [Nym]

From joining Mensa Monday night [Francine]

I grabbed her tasty citrus spread [Nym]

It glowed a bit too much, I think... [Kansas Sam]

I spread it round upon my bread [Nym]

It tasted worse than ink. [Karin]

I knew I had been fooled [Nym]

When she arose and spake [Francine]

"I am your God!" to which I drooled [Nym]

"I've made a grave mistake." [Francine]

Contributors: Nym, Kansas Sam, Francine, Karin.
Poem finished: 18th July 2003.