The Spoonbill Generator

Brief Glimpses of Aqua Nova

While cycling through the clouds one day [Nym]

I came upon a sullen ray [Kansas Sam]

I plucked it from the sky and then [Francine]

Ran into a speckled wren [Nym]

I cried, "Dear sir, forgive me" [Francine]

As feathers flew out randomly [Nym]

I offered him my gleaming prize [Karen]

That ray with teary, weary eyes [Kansas Sam]

He stopped to rearrange his plumes [Nym]

His rumpled pride, the fate that looms [Francine]

I dared not guess, but then he spoke [Nym]

That ruffled-feathered little bloke [Francine]

"I do declare you knocked me flat [Nym]

What kind of jerk would bike like that? [Kansas Sam]

You ought to be ashamed you know [Nym]

Your cycle worse than codgers blow [Francine]

That ray will neither feed nor feather my nest [Karen]

Or improve the colours upon my breast [Nym]

And yet, I will accept it, sir [Francine]

If you'd tell me who you were" [Nym]

I am the light that never shines [Francine]

The writer of these strangest lines [Nym]

The bearer of these whacko thoughts [Francine]

A gent that's rather out of sorts [Nym]

Contributors: Nym, Kansas Sam, Francine, Karen.
Poem finished: 18th July 2003.