The Spoonbill Generator

Was the...?

Every hepcat under heaven [Francine]

has started flocking to Seven-Eleven. [jo]

It's the in place to be these days [Francine]

Where slurpies live and no-one pays [Nym]

Where tabloids can be read for free [Francine]

Candies & cookies for you and me [Nym]

And thus you see the reason why [Francine]

From other stores, I just won't buy [Nym]

Its restroom is neglected, true, [Kansas Sam]

The renovations overdue [Nym]

The snacks have passed the freshness date [Karin]

It ain't no place to procreate [W]

Contributors: Francine, jo, Nym, Kansas Sam, Karin, W.
Poem finished: 18th July 2003.