The Spoonbill Generator

The Perpetual Unloved Turtles

The Hamptons are green this time of year. [beck]

As green as my love's earlobe [Francine]

My love bathes seldom, I fear [Karin]

He sleeps within his bathrobe [Nym]

And yet I love him, God knows why [Francine]

He claims to love me too [Nym]

His name is tattooed on my thigh [Karin]

And on my kneecap, too [Kansas Sam]

Too many toos you may well think [Anon.]

But don't let it drive you to drink [Kansas Sam]

It's clear this poem starts to stink [Anon.]

Which is a darn shame because I had a really good Bob Dole line [Kansas Sam]

Contributors: beck, Francine, Karin, Nym, Kansas Sam, Anon..
Poem finished: 18th July 2003.