The Spoonbill Generator

Empty Promises among the Symbols of the North

Ampersand, I love thee [Francine]

Your curling collocation [P]

Your lack of coloration [Francine]

You have my adoration [archaeopteryx]

You are so loverly [Francine]

Percent, how you thrill me [Kansas Sam]

Your arithmetical vocation [Karin]

Your yin/yang vibration [Kansas Sam]

Your loopy collocation, [Hagfish]

You are so otherly. [tonedeaf]

Tilde, you turn me on [archaeopteryx]

Your Andalusian insinuation [Karin]

Your inverse connotation [Kansas Sam]

Your nasally vibration [Karin]

You are so smotherly [Kansas Sam]

Asterisk, you do excite me [Karin]

Your stellar implication [tonedeaf]

Your use for multiplication [Nym]

Your saucy appellation [Karin]

You are my brother, see [Nym]

Question mark, interrogate me [Karin]

Your cross-examination [Nym]

Your puzzling fascination [Kansas Sam]

Your wry investigation [Nym]

You own me utterly. [Karin]

Parentheses, encircle me [Nym]

Your half-moon variation [Karin]

Your pert association [Kansas Sam]

Your sensual curvation [Nym]

You give me (warm) fuzzies. [Karin]

Semi-colon, look to me [Nym]

Your winking calibration [Karin]

Your statement termination [Nym (programmer joke)]

Your half-hearted declamation [Karin]

You are my enemy [Nym]

Exclamation point, you move me! [Karin]

Your hint of excitation [Nym]

Your heated provocation [Karin & Mark]

Your upright figuration [Nym]

Unnervingly you thrill me. [pm]

Quotation marks "you mock me" [Karin]

Your purpose is citation [Nym]

Your rules cause consternation [Karin]

Your use moves punctuation [Nym]

You tease me so slyly. [Karin]

Hyphen, you confuse me [Nym]

Your stop and go sensation [Karin]

Your superfluous vibration [pm]

Your simple lineation [Nym]

Your dash-like imitation [Francine]

You strange anomaly [Nym (F-tut tut)]

Unflinchingly, you bore me. [pm]

Caret, you accuse me [Kansas Sam]

Your curves cause excitation [pm]

Your snooty connotation [Karin]

Your pointed indignation [Kansas Sam]

Your unpopular privation [pm]

You are a pox upon me [Anon.]

Colon, I feel you in me [Anon.]

Your two-fold circulation [Nym]

Your digestive ministrations [Karin (we're way off now)]

Your circuitous truncation [Francine]

Your sudden liquidation [Kansas Sam]

Put me out of my misery. [Karin]

Backtick, you ire me [Kansas Sam]

Your insane emaciation [Francine]

Your crazy reversation [Nym]

Your seedy relaxation [Kansas Sam]

You are what now ails me. [pm]

Contributors: Francine, P, archaeopteryx, Kansas Sam, Karin, Hagfish, tonedeaf, Nym, Nym (programmer joke), Karin & Mark, pm, Nym (F-tut tut), Anon., Karin (we're way off now).
Poem finished: 18th July 2003.