The Spoonbill Generator

Yesterday Doesn't Go Like This

Yesterday, all my poetry rhymed beautiflay [Nym]

Alas, it does not today. [Karin]

Oh I believe in yesterday [Nym (er...Karin?)]

Yesterday, I keyboarded correctlay [Karin]

Now it looks as if my fingers stray [Nym]

Oh I believe in yesterday. [Karin]

Why my verses stink, I don't know, but anyway [Nym]

I'll keep spooning on, though it's wrong [Karin]

Now I long for Yesterday [Nym (Paul'd'be horrified)]

Yesterday, ah yesterday [Francine]

Francine knew just what to say [Nym]

Now I really must go away [Karin ]

Sadly, I believed in yesterday [Nym (end it please!)]

Contributors: Nym, Karin, Nym (er...Karin?), Nym (Paul'd'be horrified), Francine, Nym (end it please!).
Poem finished: 18th July 2003.