The Spoonbill Generator

Hope Squeals 'Wahoo!"

Dispel those neverending qualms [Francine]

So you've only got one testicle - so what? [Karin]

There are such efficacious balms [Francine]

that one can smoothly do the work of two [Karin]

And so relax, your spouse will feel [Francine]

the balm has created a whole new you. Wahoo! [Karin]

Revived, alive, you both will kneel [Francine]

Then hands will feel, and mouths will squeal [Karin]

And both of you will say hurray [Francine]

and bless the nights that follow each day [Karin]

And so we end this tawdry tale [Francine]

before they run us out of town on a rail [Karin (sorry I am so gone]

Contributors: Francine, Karin, Karin (sorry I am so gone.
Poem finished: 17th July 2003.