The Spoonbill Generator

Persnickety Girls

I once saw a doctor in Dayton [Kansas Sam]

He specialised in matin' [Nym]

He told me to dance [Kansas Sam]

around in my pants [dwizz]

he called it fornicatin' [Karin]

There was a young lad from timbuktoo [Nym]

He doctor had given him dance advice, too [Kansas Sam]

So he clicked his heels [Nym (Sam - huh??)]

and started to squeal [Karin]

And came in his shoes, wouldn't you? [Francine]

Once in a town named Wagga [Nym]

I thought I'd engage in a shagga [Francine]

But when looking for ladies [Mr Nym]

all i found were babies [Anon.]

So I sadly sheathed my dagger [Nym]

enough of this macho swagger! [Karin]

Contributors: Kansas Sam, Nym, dwizz, Karin, Nym (Sam - huh??), Francine, Mr Nym, Anon..
Poem finished: 17th July 2003.