The Spoonbill Generator

Gentrification is a Giggle

Whene'er I see a falling star [Francine]

I run, and pray I don't get squished [Kansas Sam]

I was run over by a car [Francine]

It wasn't what I wished [Nym]

And yet I still will scan the sky [Francine]

For moons of cheese and flying pigs [Nym]

And very often do I spy [Francine]

Old lizards wearing wigs [Nym]

'Tis then I once more swear off drink [Karin]

I mean it this time--really! [Kansas Sam]

But then appear the elephants pink [Karin]

I become all touchy-feely [Francine]

And when the lizards start to giggle [Karin]

I lose all of my self control [Anon.]

I fantasize of Mr Squiggle [Nym]

Which makes me rock and roll [Francine]

You may think me quite delirious [Nym]

and in fact you'd be correct [Karin]

It's not just a half-baked theorious [Kansas Sam]

Dude, I am totally wrecked [Karin]

The doctors have all studied me [Nym]

They call me manic-depressive [Francine]

Gave me cups of muddied tea [Nym]

And dubbed my genes "recessive" [Kansas Sam]

Contributors: Francine, Kansas Sam, Nym, Karin, Anon..
Poem finished: 17th July 2003.