The Spoonbill Generator

Contrary Mutant

So here begins a brand new tale [Nym]

Of aliens and mutants [Francine]

I'm afraid you'll turn a little pale [Nym]

At sight of naked postulants [Francine]

But never mind, the night is young [Nym]

Venusian nuns are rare [Francine]

The ale is drunk while songs are sung [Nym]

And Marvin's nasal fills the air [Kansas Sam]

We make a toast to nuns and such [Francine]

And dancing while we're bare [Evan]

We cry out loudly 'Much too much! [Nym]

You'll scare E.T., mon frere [Francine]

The octopus with seven eyes [Nym]

Thought Marvin's toast too brash [Kansas Sam]

And yet his oh-so-courteous lies [Francine]

Made headlines with a splash [Nym]

"They're Back", the Rozwell Star declared [Kansas Sam]

"We're not alone!" - New Mexico Times [Nym]

"The End!" another headline blared [Francine]

Will they punish us for all our crimes? [Nym]

"I think not,"quoth the motley crew [Francine]

"We saw that Star Wars flick" [Kansas Sam]

The nuns will pray, and E.T.'s new [Francine]

Cologne will make them sick [Kansas Sam]

Contributors: Nym, Francine, Kansas Sam, Evan.
Poem finished: 17th July 2003.