The Spoonbill Generator

Mosquitos Hatched by Homework

Bill bought broken bric-a-brac [Ruth]

Six stuffed sacks should shore his shack [Kansas Sam]

With tacky wornout wondrous stuff [K. B. Benedict]

Like fleece for Flo--her favorite fluff! [Kansas Sam]

Like catnip for a cat named Sam [Dassn't Say]

Like plastic pearls for Polythene Pam [Kansas Sam]

A Chechen china tudor church [Grayman]

A stuffed owl on a plaid perch [Dassn't Say]

He hauled it home, heaving and huffing [Edgar]

Pam (perspiring, panting and puffing), [Kansas Sam]

Prounounced their hovel "Shabby Chic" [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

Sheepishly supposing the sign should stick [Anon.]

But, woe the day the wind did blow [Evan Sanderson]

And blanketed their shack with snow [Francine]

They huddled in their sleeping bag [Evan, NH]

(Too stuffed with schtuff for them to shag) [Kansas Sam]

But lo! The rood did creak and moan! [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

Shall shack stay shored 'til sunshine shone?! [Kansas Sam]

Will door keep firm and fire lit? [Dassn't Say]

Or--shock!--sad shack's shards splay and split? [Kansas Sam]

Their bric-a-brac was thus displayed [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

Obscenely kitsch and crudely made [Francine]

A gross of garish, glittered gunk [Kansas Sam]

A melange of iridescent junk [Francine]

And Sam the Cat, and Flo the Skunk [Kansas Sam]

Absconded with a hairy monk [Francine]

They snuggled up, with fur and habit [Nym]

And though the friar stunk [Francine]

At least there was no rabbit [Nym]

Contributors: Ruth, Kansas Sam, K. B. Benedict, Dassn't Say, Grayman, Edgar, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Anon., Evan Sanderson, Francine, Evan, NH, Nym.
Poem finished: 17th July 2003.