The Spoonbill Generator

Accessible Under Hegemony

To thy nobility am I obliged [keith c]

As being an excuse for your actions [Mike Harris]

Little else can explain thy callous shopping spree [Kansas Sam]

And indecorous transactions [d]

Of thy gentility I rhyme and sing [K. B. Benedict]

But thy odor I salute with clothes pin [Kansas Sam]

Though thy body I would worship [keith c]

If only I could wrap my arms around its enormity [Kansas Sam]

Of thine immobility I dare not speak, [Hagfish]

Delightful as thy sweet poundings be, [Kansas Sam]

And though you smothered me in a fit of pique [Hagfish]

I loved you more than the air I could not breathe [Kansas Sam]

Contributors: keith c, Mike Harris, Kansas Sam, d, K. B. Benedict, Hagfish.
Poem finished: 11th July 2003.