The Spoonbill Generator

Ketchup Alchemy

A red hen, convinced that her eggs were sublime, [VM]

Sent for the greatest chefs and bided her time [Larry Brennan]

"For Julia, Jacque, Paul and Martha will see [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

Their souflees standing high - as proud as can be [Larry Brennan]

For jail ain't bad when eggs are served for breakfast." [Paddy Raghunathan]

And eggs ain't bad when they are served in a pie-crust [scientist]

And while I await the world's sublimest coddlers [Ruth]

I'm feeding eggs to an army of toddlers [Maggie Turner]

The hen's broker told her, "The sky will be falling! [Kansas Sam]

Oh! Can you please hold, the SEC's calling!" [Larry Brennan]

"What? No I can't look after your cat" [Grayman]

And the hen knew right then: that was that [Kansas Sam]

From now on she'd lay only sapphire eggs [K. B. Benedict]

The chefs, then, (with sour grapes) called them "le dregs" [Kansas Sam]

And served with bacon to Condy and Shrub. [K. B. Benedict]

But George wouldn't eat such newfangled grub [Edgar]

. [hf]

Contributors: VM, Larry Brennan, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Paddy Raghunathan, scientist, Ruth, Maggie Turner, Kansas Sam, Grayman, K. B. Benedict, Edgar, hf.
Poem finished: 10th July 2003.