The Spoonbill Generator

Chronic Sparrows of Pathology

Anthrax! Anthrax! cried Frau Schmetterling [Larry Brennan]

Her microporous liederhosen flapping in the breeze [Hagfish]

Spraying microscopic baddies in her wake [Kansas Sam]

"Die, ugly schweinhund! Take dis und de utter ting! [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

The sparrows were glowing in the sun [dilek]

Burning of spleens - death on the highways! [Larry Brennan]

Bloody stool and dysentery, bubos on the tongue. [Hagfish]

And the plague take all sense from this verse..... [Anon.]

Now only Ogden Nash can put an end to this curse. [Anon.]

Too bad this is one of his shy days [Kansas Sam]

Cipro! Cipro! snarled the specialist [Ruth]

Her lab coat belying her inexperience [Larry Brennan]

I'll teach you to borrow my biro [Grayman]

On your butt I'll get real medievalist. [K. B. Benedict]

And the sparrows fell from the sky, crushing them all [Kansas Sam]

Contributors: Larry Brennan, Hagfish, Kansas Sam, Kevin Andrew Murphy, dilek, Anon., Ruth, Grayman, K. B. Benedict.
Poem finished: 9th July 2003.