The Spoonbill Generator

Time and Four Fantastic Spoons

The Raiders of Gor had slavegirls galore and kept them all in chains [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

The wizard of Oz had no real cause but he blew out their brains [scientist]

The Queen of Hearts put them on carts and wheeled them through the town [Grayman]

The Ace of Spades took them to Hades and there put them down! [scientist]

The James T. of Kirk knew just how to work the---pauses--that drama---requires [Ruth]

While the brothers Tracy were getting spacy with all that hanging on wires [Grayman]

The blade runner stroked an electric cat and dreamed of a uniform sleep [MaggieTurner]

And the Hag of Aurora in drag in fedora turned dawn into ninety black sheep. [K. B. Benedict]

I can't fathom why all those pigs in the sky defy all the physical laws [Grayman]

It's clear to me, though, why a cat in chapeau is the finest of Seussical draws [Anon.]

I've never found hake very good in a cake though they seem to be fine in paella [Grayman]

I cannot explain why the sun and the rain both require a dopey umbrella [Kansas Sam]

Contributors: Kevin Andrew Murphy, scientist, Grayman, Ruth, MaggieTurner, K. B. Benedict, Anon., Kansas Sam.
Poem finished: 8th July 2003.