The Spoonbill Generator

Knight of the Noxious Lie

If only I could sing like William Shatner [Kansas Sam]

I'd serenade you on the bus [Edgar]

(Just let me tighten up my truss) [Hagifsh]

Come back, My Love, away from flying fruit [Kansas Sam]

I wish that I could dance like Edward Asner [anon]

When Mary Tyler is no Moore [Hagfish]

I'd lurch and spin across the floor [mdb]

Get off my feet, Lou Grant, you big galoot! [Hagfish]

I wish I was as fluent as Dubya [Anon.]

Still searching for "nukular" bombs [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

in the garbage out back of his Mom's, [Anon.]

This tidbit's mine, Evil Ant, you Al Queda recruit! [Kansas Sam]

Contributors: Kansas Sam, Edgar, Hagifsh, anon, Hagfish, mdb, Anon., Kevin Andrew Murphy.
Poem finished: 27th June 2003.