The Spoonbill Generator

Oddments of the Blonde

The gypsy's skirts swirled like the leaves in the fall [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

While her suitors stood sorely perplexed [yog]

But _love_ had been shown by her Sears crystal ball [Kansas Sam]

Though the waiting had left her quite vexed. [mcb]

"You must wait for a man with blond hair and a tan" [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

breathed a phantom from deep in the orb. [mdb]

"Dressed to distress he'll speak like an adman" [Anon.]

And then mouthed words that hurt to absorb... [scientist]

"When you hear the box say, 'Now, how much will you pay?', [Kansas Sam]

'How much for a blonde man?' [Anon.]

You'll ask. [metric line completer]

You must hurry! Act quickly! You cannot delay! [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

And I've heard that he might be a Basque [mcb]

All her suitors were dark, not one close to the mark, [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

To her horror, not one looked like Rocky [Kansas Sam]

Although there was one whom she wanted to shun [Veracity]

He held hands with Arcaro, the jockey [Kansas Sam]

She threw up her hands and stormed off in a huff [Edgar]

Then the ball rolled and broke, as in Kane [Kansas Sam]

and disabled the future with nary a puff [Hagfish]

Which will drive plastic surgeons insane [Kansas Sam]

Contributors: Kevin Andrew Murphy, yog, Kansas Sam, mcb, mdb, Anon., scientist, metric line completer, Veracity, Edgar, Hagfish.
Poem finished: 27th June 2003.