The Spoonbill Generator

Glow Experimental

Madame Curie created quite a glow [scientist]

All superheroes owe her love and debt [Kansas Sam]

How they will repay, little I know [scientist]

But just the thought of it has made me whet [Hagfish]

She's dead, so let's forget our quid pro quo [Kansas Sam]

But if her geiger-specter were to rise! [Hagfish]

You'd see her radiate in tights and cape! [Kansas Sam]

Her vapor trail across Parisian skies [Hagfish]

Would herald her miraculous escape [Kansas Sam]

Forcing her to revive her Polish ties. [Paddy Raghunathan]

And soon the franchise offers would roll in [Hagfish]

Burger toys would sport her glowing face [Kansas Sam]

On tarmacs they'd unfurl gold tarpaulins [Hagfish]

With Curie shown a' flyin' into space [Kansas Sam]

(Pierre's part in the show played by James Brolin.) [Hagfish]

Then Futureland, at Disneyland, Paris [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

Would host a "Giegerland" glow-worm race! [scientist]

And Curie's Glowing Pitchblende Mansion scare us [Kansas Sam]

And perhaps, for ultimate disaster prepare us! [Anon.]

And maybe fight Cruella for a parking space [Kansas Sam]

Pardon me, I penned the last line in a daze. [scientist]

I must have been hit by one of Curie's rays [Anon.]

Contributors: scientist, Kansas Sam, Hagfish, Paddy Raghunathan, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Anon..
Poem finished: 24th June 2003.