The Spoonbill Generator

Reveal the Masonic Prudes

I heard him curse, I heard him groan [(trad)]

the walls are thin, his house my home [Dael]

A mobster knocked, he let him in [Kansas Sam]

A price to pay: immortal sin [P]

A lobster mocked; we let him stew [Roland]

Not nice to say: we ate him, too [Kansas Sam]

Hens clucked; we took their eggs [Anon.]

But in return they broke our legs [P]

So here we sit, in our chairs [scientist]

Joe's in the urn, with no more cares [Kansas Sam]

Oh, to envy him and wish I too [scientist]

Could be as Joe, or lobster stew [Kansas Sam]

I heard him groan, I heard him curse [P]

And yet, oddly enough, felt no worse! [scientist]

Joe owed me dough, his rent past due [Kansas Sam]

I never saw his bills were not true..... [scientist]

So now I've spent both shy and vig [Hagfish]

Shall I dance a Scottish reel, or jig? [mcb]

For a tightwad mobster, lobster's dear [Hagfish]

Paid up penny-pincers needn't fear [Kansas Sam]

Contributors: (trad), Dael, Kansas Sam, P, Roland, Anon., scientist, Hagfish, mcb.
Poem finished: 24th June 2003.