The Spoonbill Generator

A Vagabond Lacking Cunning

"Better", I told him, "you had left your seed unsown" [anon]

But by then I was wasting my breath [Kansas Sam]

Like a paranoid Schnauzer ,he'd buried his bone [Hagfish]

Is lechery learned or inborn? [anon]

"Better" I told him, "To have cooks that spoil the broth " [mcb]

But then, cooks do put buns in the oven [Kansas Sam]

If you take your eyes off them long enough [anon]

Are sauciers burned or inbred? [Wagfish]

"Better" I told him "To count chickens not hatched" [mcb]

But do these eggs have one yolk or two? [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

Like a furious farmer whose livestock was snatched [mcb]

we pray they come home to roost [Dael]

"Better" I told him "To have a bird in the hand" [Kansas Sam]

But when I looked up he had two [anon]

While the homeless ex-hippie inspected the sand [mdb]

I walked off to a better land [scientist]

"Why" I asked myself "did I even bother trying?" [anon]

For all I did came to nought [Anon.]

I've set too many inside-yoked eggs frying [Hagfish]

I've been too long from home, and for what? [anon]

Contributors: anon, Kansas Sam, Hagfish, mcb, Wagfish, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Dael, mdb, scientist, Anon..
Poem finished: 24th June 2003.