The Spoonbill Generator

Considering Its Woodpigeons

Dial 'Clockwork' for disturbance [loaf]

Or 'The Warriors' for perturbance [Kansas Sam]

But remember not to do so in the dark [P]

They monitor your notions [Roland]

And tango in your oceans [mcb]

Alone or else in tandem with the Shark [loaf]

Indulge your taste for monotremes [mcb]

And sink your cousins' quinqueremes [Roland]

But only do so if you're carrying a lark [mcb]

They monitor your actions [Roland]

And split you into factions [mcb]

The fans of Handel versus fans of Bach [loaf]

Dial 'Fatal' for attraction [Kansas Sam]

or a greasy stupefaction [Hagfish]

But remember not do so very Close [Kansas Sam]

It sets the birds a-bounding [loaf]

Through those Glenns we find astounding [Hagfish]

and makes young Mickey Mouse a bit morose [loaf]

Indulge your taste for shower scenes [Kansas Sam]

And watch out as poor Marion screams [mcb]

Unless you find black blood a bit too gross [Kansas Sam]

Contributors: loaf, Kansas Sam, P, Roland, mcb, Hagfish.
Poem finished: 23rd June 2003.