The Spoonbill Generator

Secret Habitude with Men

She frolicks gaily, like a goat [mcb]

I know this for I, in the bushes nearby, [anon]

Have paid her keepers half a groat [Hagfish]

To help me reply to her note [Kansas Sam]

Her hand is flowing, like a brook [anon]

I know this for she, in that note writ to me, [Kansas Sam]

Had cribbed a phrase like any crook [Hagfish]

But can my sins be overlooked? [anon]

Her phrase was ancient, from the Bard [Kansas Sam]

"love to heaven fled" - my jaw fell as I read [anon]

Who'd filch such famous Shakespeare lard? [Kansas Sam]

By chasteness shall I stand a guard? [anon]

She calls me now, with her song [Kansas Sam]

A song of... strange kind - it echos in the mind [anon]

I've hired a member of the Tong [Hagfish]

To help me unwind my sarong [Kansas Sam]

I felt it come - madness - but stood, powerless to run. [anon]

Contributors: mcb, anon, Hagfish, Kansas Sam.
Poem finished: 23rd June 2003.