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Abandon Malfeasance, My Cobweb Doctor

You wouldn't want a cobweb [Roland]

That its maker had condemned [Anon.]

Festooned about your privates [loaf]

While your heart is on the mend. [Anon.]

It might not spoil your nightmares [Roland]

But Arachne's dreams would sour [Anon.]

Her handiwork to see so [Anon.]

Bereft of style and power [Roland]

You shouldn't keep an apple [Anon.]

where an apple shouldn't go. [hagfish]

Don't touch your doctor's daughter [Paddy Raghunathan]

on the part that doesn't show. [Anon.]

It might not reach his hearing [Anon.]

but he'll feel you tug the thread, [Anon.]

that binds his child's innocence [Anon.]

To whom he'd have her wed. [Anon.]

You would prefer the cobweb [Paddy Raghunathan]

To the ball of tangled twine [Roland]

Recall poor Ariadne [anon]

and her looming deadly line, [Anon.]

and the pity the poor Minotaur [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

Whose pointless horns grew snared [Hagfish]

On the tree of bitter oranges [mcb]

That sweetness never spared [loaf]

Contributors: Roland, Anon., loaf, hagfish, Paddy Raghunathan, anon, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Hagfish, mcb.
Poem finished: 23rd June 2003.