The Spoonbill Generator

Telling Tales of Mother's Bullseye

You shouldn't keep an apple [(trad)]

On the apex of your head [Kansas Sam]

Your father has been drinking [Anon.]

And just filled Bill Tell with lead [Kansas Sam]

Now you're all that I have left. [anon]

It's ill advised to summon [P]

Your chauffeur in for a pint, [Hagfish]

His driving's sure to suffer [Anon.]

Deny it though he mighnt [Kansas Sam]

You must hold your life more dear. [anon]

You shouldn't call the papers [Hagfish]

When Diana stays at rest [Kansas Sam]

The Huntress won't forgive it [anon]

If you fail the archer's test [Hagfish]

Tempt the goddess not, my son. [anon]

It's ill-advised to mention [Kansas Sam]

You've a target shaped tattoo [Hagfish]

At the NRA Convention [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

Where a bowman is taboo [Kansas Sam]

Fly from thence as fleetest shot. [anon]

Contributors: (trad), Kansas Sam, Anon., anon, P, Hagfish, Kevin Andrew Murphy.
Poem finished: 22nd June 2003.