The Spoonbill Generator

Pig Lint Hit

My blog is narcissistic, though its readers, voyeuristic, [Kansas Sam]

Have a solipsistic tendency to bend an argument [Elusis]

into a pretzel-mocking tangle of inferior surmise. [hagfish]

Yet I'm wise to every angle--tell the freepers to relent [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

and they must repay with interest all the meaning that I've lent [hagfish]

My mood is apathetic, though my readers, sympathetic, [Kansas Sam]

Give an energetic meaning to my preening and my fluff [Elusis]

Which does nothing to diminish my regard for those who lie [P]

When writing, start to finish, of the marvels of their day [Kansas Sam]

All it takes is a keyboard and a willingness to bray. [Philemon Jukebox]

My words are half-psychotic, though my readers, idiotic, [Kansas Sam]

So my jingoistic pedantry is music to their ears [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

"Have you recently updated?" cried the forums as they grated [Anon.]

On our stressed nerves with raucous screams and vociferous protests [Paddy Raghunathan]

Blognews is really bad for cages and much worse for lining nests. [Anon.]

In the end, despite their dissing, all my critics I'm dismissing [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

'Cause their scansion is atrocious as new Spoonbill'ers, precocious [Kansas ]

Contributors: Kansas Sam, Elusis, hagfish, Kevin Andrew Murphy, P, Philemon Jukebox, Anon., Paddy Raghunathan, Kansas.
Poem finished: 22nd June 2003.