The Spoonbill Generator

Awakening the Aluminum Jetsam

A paper, a line, a bubble, a tin [Elusis]

(Times, Victoria, Perignon, sardine) [Anon.]

My memory jostles, my eyesight grows dim, [Velvet]

The groan of the organ, the cadence, the hymn [loaf]

The rock of the carriage, its rhythm obscene [Elusis]

Steel meeting steel in the night, kissing kin [Anon.]

Alone in the tunnel, my thoughts vague and grim [Elusis]

A glass, a point, a gentleman, a sin [Anon.]

(Champagne, darts, cad, sloth) [Anon]

"By God, Sir, to the brim with that Fine Froth!" [hafgish]

My somelier cradles it, wrapped in a cloth. [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

The memory vanishes, absorbed in the din. [Elusis]

"To the Pit with you, David Lee Roth!" [Anon.]

Contributors: Elusis, Anon., Velvet, loaf, Anon, hafgish, Kevin Andrew Murphy.
Poem finished: 21st June 2003.