The Spoonbill Generator

Test Our Mutual Felicity with Unguents

His brain slightly mangled from mid-term exams [Anon.]

Took a job as a gluteus max [Kansas Sam]

To make the trade square, went the other from there [Anon.]

and now he can flex all his facts. [Dael]

And what became of the man with a brain for an arse, and an arse for a brain? [Anon.]

He's stolen the White House and slaughtering trees [Larry Brennan]

And wagering war wherever he please [Anon.]

And turning rhymed couplets into rhymed threes [Kansas Sam]

In a far distant town, in a far distant land, was a woman [Anon.]

who wandered with wigs in her hand, and a captain [hagglefish]

said, "She's not a looter!" and ran [MK Fuller]

up a bill that extended from here to Phithsthtan. [wag]

- His mind fairly addled by taxing poetics [Anon.]

He ran off to Angola and joined the heretics [Elusis]

Contributors: Anon., Kansas Sam, Dael, Larry Brennan, hagglefish, MK Fuller, wag, Elusis.
Poem finished: 21st June 2003.