The Spoonbill Generator

For an Unknown Frog

The semi thrummed o'er seams in the open road [Larry Brennan]

The seams, so it seems, where cowered a hopin' toad [Kansas Sam]

A toad who toed the line as best he could [VM]

about to be laid low by a load of wood. [Sharon]

Wood for the houses, steel for the jails [Larry Brennan]

and siding, and windows, and kegs full of nails [sharonp]

All bound up in stacks, quite sturdy and stout [Misty A Smith]

Who knew the driver had a bad case of gout? [Edgar]

Small still and trembling, the toad did there sit [Anon.]

With little to do but to cuss and to spit [Kansas Sam]

On a spit did he sit thus curse for to spit [Sara]

The hopped a bit further, and fell in a pit. [Anon.]

The pit was a good turn, a most happy place [D]

Where lo and behold he came face to face [Edgar]

With the driver whose semi had given him chase [Kansas Sam]

Dressed head to toe - in Chantilly lace. [Anon.]

The old goat with gout was prancing about [sharon]

He saw the poor toad and let out a shout [Anon.]

"Vile toad, this is your fault" the truckdriver cried [mcb]

in mid-pirouette. His skirts swished at his side. [sharon]

To make matters worse, the truckdriver's frock [mcb]

Bulged at the front from the force of his jock [Kansas Sam]

and caused it to stand out like a lace tent. [sharon]

Quick!--the toad jumped as far as his legs would consent [Kansas Sam]

Yet horrors! A toad's tongue is made to catch flies []

And cause it to land on a wired fence [Paddy Raghunathan]

(Strike that last line--I had lost my rhyme sense) [Kansas Sam]

(And to change things at this stage just wouldn't be wise) [mcb]

Now, back to the fence (at this point, it makes sense) [Kansas Sam]

The toad's tongue was on fly and what beneath that lies.... [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

Contributors: Larry Brennan, Kansas Sam, VM, Sharon, sharonp, Misty A Smith, Edgar, Anon., Sara, D, sharon, mcb,, Paddy Raghunathan, Kevin Andrew Murphy.
Poem finished: 20th June 2003.