The Spoonbill Generator

The Ocelot Tirade

Respectable he's surely not [P]

Since he seduced mine ocelot [loaf]

And now he spurns its every glance [Kansas Sam]

And leads it on a merry dance [loaf]

Charm, elan, and flair he's got [Kansas Sam]

as if no-one knew what he'll spot [jose cano]

He shall atone for his life of sin [VM]

In sundry postures masculine [Roland]

Mine ocelot will earn her spots [Kansas Sam]

In this casino at the slots [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

it will oppose the sundried plots [Yonmei]

And save us from the demon Gin [Larry Brennan]

Or Rum. Or Chardonnay, perchance. [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

Lest pain return her glance [D]

While wheels with cherries twirl and spin [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

Double bar cherry watermelon plum raisin [kevin]

Bankroll rests in pocket all a'blazin' [Dave G.]

The Pit Boss views her all askance [Larry Brennan]

"Bipeds-only here, My Dear" [Kansas Sam]

He coughed. "Your claws will scratch the vinyl.' [Dave G.]

The wheels turned, and then a final [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

Ocelot win began to appear [Kansas Sam]

Cha-Ching! Cha-Ching! It's very clear [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

Who won the slot's prodigious spew [Kansas Sam]

It surely wasn't me or you, [VM]

But if not us, then who? Then who? [Kansas Sam]

The ocelot has gone to rendezvous [Elusis]

As the Pit Boss has an anginal [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

He bellows, "Out! And that's final!" [Edgar]

"Sigfried and Roy have been looking for you!" [Ruth]

(True, they like animals. Yet the vaginal?) [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

Her coins were not unclaimed for long [Kansas Sam]

And stowed in many boxes strong [Larry Brennan]

My ocelot upped and left the table [mcb]

She's got twice the legs of Betty Grable! [Edgar]

Then Siegfried and Roy, like Cain and Abel, [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

Got us our own TV show in Hong Kong. [Ruth]

Soon her spurner appeared, oozing charm [Kansas Sam]

Mine ocelot bit off his arm [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

The one with his heart on its sleeve! [Kansas Sam]

was coldly invited to leave [Sharon ]

The arm, though, we asked, "Will you stay?" [Kansas Sam]

We have a job for you today. [Sharon]

As serendipity would have it, [Kansas Sam]

Siegfried and Roy were so deprav-ed [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

They released a tiger, burning bright [mcb]

(Its name was Blake), which, drunk on Mogen David [VM]

Strayed howling off into the night. [Cait]

Even my ocelot could not save it. [Bob]

Contributors: P, loaf, Kansas Sam, jose cano, VM, Roland, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Yonmei, Larry Brennan, D, kevin, Dave G., Elusis, Edgar, Ruth, mcb, Sharon, Cait, Bob.
Poem finished: 19th June 2003.