The Spoonbill Generator

Uneven Recipe

A rushing tide, a rushing tide [Roland]

A sneering pride! A sneering pride! [Dave G.]

A glance aside, a glance aside [Berni Phillips]

A fleeing bride, a fleeeing bride! [Larry Brennan]

A flaying broad! A flaying broad! [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

A braying sod! A braying sod! [Ruth]

A snoring prod! A snoring prod! [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

A piper pied! A piper pied! [Ruth]

Thus raved the prophet, eyes bright with pain [loaf]

Which shot about the room, then back at me again - [Anon.]

A Russian doll! A Russian doll! [Roland]

A deathly pall! A deathly pall! [D]

A crumbling wall! A crumbling wall! [VM]

A tyrant's fall! A tyrant's fall! [Anon.]

A poisoned foil! A poisoned foil! [Elusis]

And Olive Oyle! And Olive Oyl! [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

A Tesla coil! A Tesla coil! [Darius]

A rolling boil! A rolling boil! [Lloyd]

Thus raved the prophet, throat raw with joy [Roland]

Which, though I pleaded, still proceeded loudly to deploy - [Anon.]

A rusting cage! A rusting cage! [VM]

A macrophage! A macrophage! [Larry Brennan]

A burning rage! A burning rage! [Edgar]

And fresh-picked sage! And fresh-picked sage! [Larry Brennan]

A narrow ledge! A narrow ledge! [Darius]

A thorny hedge! A thorny hedge! [Larry Brennan]

A daughter's pledge! A daughter's pledge! [Trish Wilson]

A wicked mage! A wicked mage! [Darius]

Thus raved the prophet, skin black with soot [Larry Brennan]

Which, I thought, up with this I shall not put. [Chuck Taggart]

I'm fricaseed! I'm fricaseed! [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

I can't proceed! I can't proceed! [Edgar]

Who did this deed!? Who did this deed!? [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

He shan't succeed! He shan't succeed [Berni Phillips]

Oh woeful crime! Oh woeful crime! [D]

A suff'ring mime! A suff'ring mime! [Larry Brennan]

("Prescient man", I mused, and drew my knife) [Anon.]

And thus came the end of Mime, Prophet and Life. [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

Contributors: Roland, Dave G., Berni Phillips, Larry Brennan, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Ruth, loaf, Anon., D, VM, Elusis, Darius, Lloyd, Edgar, Trish Wilson, Chuck Taggart.
Poem finished: 19th June 2003.