The Spoonbill Generator

This Goaded Posture

You write sixteen lines, and what do you get? [dkb]

Another day older? Some form of het-met? [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

Or yo-ho-ho's emptied from bottle of rum? [Kansas Sam]

A drum! A drum! MacBeth doth come! [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

And what is the capital of Tibet? [Yonmei]

Why, Lhasa, says Felix, winning the bet. [Larry Brennan]

And how many hookers can dance in a slum? [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

Ah, now we're back to the bottle of rum. [D]

When dancing flamenco, with each castanet, [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

Flail your limbs, says Felix, don't vomit just yet [kevin]

dance wild - smoke a marijuana cigarette [Yonmei]

There's dossiers for secret agents to vet! [Dave G.]

So skip the fandango, establish the fund [loaf]

Get money from Felix! He's easily stunned [Larry Brennan]

By line fifteen when you're thoroughly wet [Ardinger]

And like this poem finished, to no one's regret. [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

Contributors: dkb, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Kansas Sam, Yonmei, Larry Brennan, D, kevin, Dave G., loaf, Ardinger.
Poem finished: 18th June 2003.