The Spoonbill Generator

Turned on by Ghostwriters

A flock of hungry magpies came [Kansas Sam]

rampant through the briars [David Perry]

Their search for versifying fame [Kansas Sam]

And eyes of tonsured friars. [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

Left piles of words without a frame [Kansas Sam]

As if we should saw words into granite cornices, [Dave G.]

Or gaze at our navels like drowning Narcissus, [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

Or come up with some absurd hypothesis [P]

Concerning the resistivity of molasses [loaf]

Or the inductance of Demi Moore's prosthesis [Kansas Sam]

Come see what's in stock [jose cano]

Fine verses free (or cheap, at least) [Kansas Sam]

A Grecian urn! (or just a crock) [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

if all goes well, indeed, a feast [Yonmei]

Of phonemes flying in a flock [Larry Brennan]

To land upon the auction block! [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

Fi, fie, foe, foul - asinine glib poets prowl, [Dave G.]

Without regard for rhyme or meter [Kansas Sam]

"Now go to Hell!" (so says St. Peter) [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

Alas! To burn, writhe, and howl! [Edgar Carter]

"As serves a rhyme and meter cheater!" [Kansas Sam]

Contributors: Kansas Sam, David Perry, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Dave G., P, loaf, jose cano, Yonmei, Larry Brennan, Edgar Carter.
Poem finished: 18th June 2003.