The Spoonbill Generator

Caramelised Jamboree Bags

Bedevilled by mosquitoes [loaf]

She plunged the plain white bread into the toaster's gaping maw [Larry Brennan]

Smoke rising, she plunged in a fork. [Kathryn Cramer]

Zot! She was transfigured by Electra's arcing blood! [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

And so was doubly bedevilled. [Kathryn Cramer]

But lo! The mosquitos were fried like Deadheads! [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

Their crunchy bodies made the jelly like jam [Al von Ruff]

That she smeared unto her blackened skin [Katrien Rutten]

howling, feral, at the sink, she [Dael]

Grew a large proboscis [Kansas Sam]

Fit for the burden in hand [loaf]

Hansel and Gretel had come in for directions [Kansas Sam]

to finally arrive in this barren land [jose cano]

Bit of a bummer of a day really [Grayman]

what with all that turning into a mosquito business and everything [Anon.]

Contributors: loaf, Larry Brennan, Kathryn Cramer, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Al von Ruff, Katrien Rutten, Dael, Kansas Sam, jose cano, Grayman, Anon..
Poem finished: 17th June 2003.