The Spoonbill Generator

Another Darwin

An airworthy albatross alights atop an arch [ambyr]

A bellowing brontosaurus must belch to make his mark [Kathryn Cramer]

The canniest canary can "Can-Can" and cantata [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

My dog does not bark. [Christophe]

Eichidnas eating eggplant lashout at a pinata [Kathryn Cramer]

Flighty fleas flip onto fragrant ferrets [Larry Brennan]

Get geese going gonzo on goofballs [Tuxedo Slack]

Huge hippopotami hurl hopeful hearts [Larry Brennan]

Merrily the moles mewl about and mumble [Sigmund Bjornstein]

Battered by bees that buzz and bumble [Al von Ruff]

Irritating insects, ignored as they tumble [Berni Phillips]

The volcano begins to rumble. [Kathryn Cramer]

Slowly the Sultan surveys his menagerie [Ruth]

Eager as a novice in a nunnery [Kansas Sam]

Talebearers suffer from apoplectic exaggerie [Dave G.]

...and Private Smith wakes from his snooze in the gunnery. [Ruth]

Contributors: ambyr, Kathryn Cramer, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Christophe, Larry Brennan, Tuxedo Slack, Sigmund Bjornstein, Al von Ruff, Berni Phillips, Ruth, Kansas Sam, Dave G..
Poem finished: 17th June 2003.