The Spoonbill Generator


The pallid young apprentice [Roland]

flicks lint off of his sleeve [kevin]

I never thought he meant us [Anon.]

To keep working while we grieve [Larry Brennan]

And the sixpence that he lent us [Vern Morrison]

were all the he could leave [Anon.]

Too complex an apparatus [Kathryn Cramer]

Too many to deceive [Larry Brennan]

Two sets of books [Kathryn Cramer]

-- hollowed and whole -- [ambyr]

Suspicious looks [Anon.]

Glare on without reprieve [Larry Brennan]

While words upon the scroll [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

Suggest that he'd best leave. [Kathryn Cramer]

Contributors: Roland, kevin, Anon., Larry Brennan, Vern Morrison, Kathryn Cramer, ambyr, Kevin Andrew Murphy.
Poem finished: 17th June 2003.