The Spoonbill Generator

Trout Pox Toast Farming

Now is the moment! Grasp the nettle! [dkb]

Set your brothers free! [Kathryn Cramer]

Our revolution's in fine fettle, [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

The table's set for tea. [Kathryn Cramer]

Fetch leather gloves, and Garden Weasel! (TM) [kevin]

The poison ivy spray! [Anon.]

Fetch carding combs and yarn and teasel! [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

And light a brush flambé [ambyr]

Wild swans we love as best we can [Kathryn Cramer]

When stuffed with wild rice! [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

And cute young fawns we all adore [ambyr]

But revolution gives advice [Anon.]

Rev John Deere tractor! Hoist the pick! [kevin]

And take your pick of lice! [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

Dab Vaseline (TM) to smother ticks! [kevin]

And cheese to lure the mice! [ambyr]

Extinction beckons many birds [Kathryn Cramer]

All those too fleet to roast! [Alison Scott]

Our pesticides and herbicides [kevin]

Take chainsaws to the coast [Anon.]

For the iceplant is in blossom [Larry Brennan]

Though the coal plant blooms the most. [Kathryn Cramer]

The dodo's dead for fat cat's bread [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

And the native plants are toast! [Larry Brennan]

The snakes fly free on landing gears [kevin]

And thus we sabotage [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

Through Tulgey Wood we carry spears [Kathryn Cramer]

And warpaint - tres sauvage! [Larry Brennan]

With Alice roasted on a stick, we all kick back and have some beers [Kathryn Cramer]

The glowing fluids ooze about [Larry Brennan]

Skoal,salut and cheers! [Jane]

Contributors: dkb, Kathryn Cramer, Kevin Andrew Murphy, kevin, Anon., ambyr, Alison Scott, Larry Brennan, Jane.
Poem finished: 17th June 2003.