The Spoonbill Generator

Tiny Problems

Like hoarfrost on the juniper [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

Like cracks in Berlin's wall [ambyr]

A crippling mass-transit strike [kevin]

Undoes us one and all. [D]

Like warped reflections on the glass [ambyr]

Like buskers in the mall [dkb]

My baby grazing in long grass [Kathryn Cramer]

Holds watchers in her thrall [ambyr]

Was Philadephia full of spies [Kathryn Cramer]

As fashions in the fall? [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

Fresh cat food disappears like rice [Kathryn Cramer]

Into a feline brawl [ambyr]

The croaking frog solicits sex [Kathryn Cramer]

With a sly southern drawl [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

Behind him wait the trout police [ambyr]

In answer to his call. [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

The world shatters carefully [ambyr]

Forget the transit strike. [Kathryn Cramer]

The glass is laced with irony [ambyr]

Your heart with a large spike. [D]

Alas for the lost petticoats! [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

For bastard tadpoles small [ambyr]

Are never asked about their votes [Tuxedo Slack]

Though they inhabit all the moats [Kathryn Cramer]

They'll freeze in mud come fall [kevin]

Yet what of the satannic goats [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

That linger by the wall [ambyr]

Downwind from the compost heap [kevin]

That some call urban sprawl [ambyr]

Back in Berlin where walls grow thin [Kathryn Cramer]

And cracks spread like a shawl, [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

Public transportation gasps [kevin]

Beneath the Ice Queen's scrawl [ambyr]

Contributors: Kevin Andrew Murphy, ambyr, kevin, D, dkb, Kathryn Cramer, Tuxedo Slack.
Poem finished: 16th June 2003.