The Spoonbill Generator

Inaudible When Down-wind

I promise, tomorrow I'll be a good boy [Zach G]

Unless you immerse me in butter, [Apsley]

Unless you anoint my pyjamas with soy [Roland]

When I'll play my CD of Rutter [Apsley]

I'll whistle and sing like a man in a trance [Beefy]

Or a pig in a bag full of nuts [Apsley]

I'll stomp and I'll swing like a sumo in dance [Kansas Sam]

And generally act like a klutz [Beefy]

(Condiments, see, always do that to me) [Kansas Sam]

I vow that next week I shall learn to behave [Beefy]

Unless you should souse me with claret, [dkb]

Unless you invite me to put on a rave [Grayman]

When I'll bring my stuff and share it [Kansas Sam]

I'll twist and I'll turn like a man on a gibbet [Beefy]

Or a tick on the run from a match [Kansas Sam]

I'll croon and I'll hum like a bee, and ad lib it [dkb]

And act like a klutz again, natch [Beefy]

(Medicines free always do that to me) [Kansas Sam]

Contributors: Zach G, Apsley, Roland, Beefy, Kansas Sam, dkb, Grayman.
Poem finished: 31st May 2003.