The Spoonbill Generator

Management Facilitates, Managers Collide

Complacent as a senator [Roland]

Half man, half bull, all gas [Kansas Sam]

Inert and unconductive [loaf]

Inept and unreceptive [Kansas Sam]

Is the girl whom I call lass [Apsley]

Complacent as a senator [loaf]

Dog tired, dog days, all bone [Apsley]

Insane and insubstantial [Roland]

Inside and Influential [Kansas Sam]

Is the churl at home alone [dkb]

Complacent as a senator [Kansas Sam]

Horse-faced, hoarse voiced, all bile [dkb]

In law and injudicial [Kansas Sam]

In joints and interstitial [Beefy]

Is the dear wife I revile [Kansas Sam]

Contributors: Roland, Kansas Sam, loaf, Apsley, dkb, Beefy.
Poem finished: 17th May 2003.