The Spoonbill Generator

Industrial-Strength Wrigley's

My Spiderman was killed by Zach [Alex G]

Oh woe my poor arachnid [keith c]

Felled by deed a Zach did [Kansas Sam]

While Mother was distracted [Beefy]

I'll get my little brother back [Kansas Sam]

My flugelhorn was played by ear [Beefy]

Until a valve got stuck in [Kansas Sam]

The other ear - 'twas sucked in [Beefy]

Both lobe and waxlike muck in [Kansas Sam]

I'll get the rascal, never fear [Beefy]

My basketball was popped by nail [Kansas Sam]

Planted near with malice [Grayman]

Mom then could not corral us [Kansas Sam]

- too busy watching "Dallas" [Beefy]

So Zach got nailed, now Mom's in jail [Kansas Sam]

Contributors: Alex G, keith c, Kansas Sam, Beefy, Grayman.
Poem finished: 10th May 2003.