The Spoonbill Generator

Fruitful Duck Soup

My goldfish likes to do the monkey bars [Alex G]

Although he has to pay extra on the door [Grayman]

"That's why", he says, "I smoke them cheap cigars" [Kansas Sam]

It gets him loads of action on the floor [Beefy]

My monkey likes to pay by goldfish card [Grayman]

Although he's now in debt up to his chin [Kansas Sam]

"That's why", he says, "I often find I'm barred [P]

and that dopey goldfish has to sneak me in" [Kansas Sam]

Between them they have burned up all my stash [Beefy]

Although I barred their barring long ago [Kansas Sam]

"That's why", I say, "I'll sell you both for cash" [Beefy]

(and pray the mob's enforcer doesn't show) [Kansas Sam]

Contributors: Alex G, Grayman, Kansas Sam, Beefy, P.
Poem finished: 3rd May 2003.