The Spoonbill Generator

Unsaid, Unsaid

The red poem remains unread [Skip Knox]

What were the words we thought it said? [P]

Why do you think our screen went dead? [Kansas Sam]

The dun poem remains undone [Roland]

A deep regret for everyone [P]

Its unwrote end no end of fun [Kansas Sam]

As every poem thrives on the reader's mind [Anon.]

Our words of rhyme so slick, entwined [Kansas Sam]

Confound the living, vex the dead [loaf]

For nothing's better left unsaid [trad]

Than words unwrote and words unread [Kansas Sam]

A sound poem, of type unsound [Roland]

By whose skill were these words bound [P]

Who deflates our burial-mound? [Roland]

A clear poem, of type unclear [Kansas Sam]

Transparent yes!, could we but hear [Skip Knox]

Slacker poets slushing beer [Kansas Sam]

Contributors: Skip Knox, P, Kansas Sam, Roland, Anon., loaf, trad.
Poem finished: 22nd April 2003.